Grand Master -           Alan (WickedWilly) Prior  :contact

On Sec.  -                  Alan (Wicked Willy) Prior

RA. -  joint RA.            Fred(Doormat) Roissetter  :contact

Hash Cash. -               Sue (Cums Naturally) Wilkinson

Joint  hash cash.         Jenny (Nothing Yet)Sauer

Beer Master -             Sue(Cums Naturally) Wilkinson: contact 


Softies/water. -           Roy(Minstrel Man) Coleman :contact

Haberdasher. -           Alan(Wicked Willy)Prior and Sue (Cums Naturally) Wilkinson


Hareraiser.   -              Roy (Minstrel Man) Coleman

Hash Flash. -               Guy (Spunky) Talbot: contact.   

Entertainment-          Margaret (Cums without batteries) Gornall 

                                       Jack(EE Jack yer Late) :contact

Web Master.     -        Sue (Cums Naturally) Wilkinson

Facebook Admin.  -    Alan (Wicked Willy) Prior

Barstewards-               Volunteers

                                                                           ON ON

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